How to apply Project Calendar in MS PROJECT 2013


My Blog reader had a problem. He made a Calendar for his Project in MS PROJECT 2013, but he forgot to apply it to the specific project. How to do it after you have a Tasks, and/or resources.

First I will crate a brand new Project Calendar:


I will create Calendar with “MY CALENDAR” name, and I will, just for example, make an exception like Holydays from 01.01.2013 to 31.01.2013:




Now suppose that I have Tasks in my Project:


As you can see Start date of Task1 is 22.1.2013. Now I will assign the MY CALENDAR to the Project:


and I will get:


As you  can see everything is perfect! But what if had assigned resources before I have applied this Calendar?




when I apply MY CALENDAR now i will get:


Where is the difference between two pictures above? NOWHERE! If you have resources assigned to the Tasks, and you change your project Calendar it will not be applied to the tasks, because Resources has Standard Calendar assigned to them! So you should change Calendar for all resources like this:


and I will get:


Now I will add new Task to the Project:


I will add a new Resource, as well:


As you can see, because I  have assigned MY CALENDAR to the whole Project every new Resource will have by default this Calendar as a Base Calendar.

Simple as that!



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21 Responses to How to apply Project Calendar in MS PROJECT 2013

  1. Helen says:

    Thank you:D

  2. Jiggy says:

    Thank you for this helpful post!

  3. Rafael says:

    Thanks! I was stuck with the resources/old calendar issue.

  4. Jim D says:

    Thanks for writing this article! It was easy to follow along it helped me correct my error!

  5. Pooja says:

    It was helpfull


    This is very helpful, thanks Nenad!!
    I have a question, is there any way of importing into MS Project an Excel table with the vacation time per resource? Or the only way of assigning time off per resource is going to the calendar resource per resource? Imagine if I have more than 40 resources in the resource pool.

    • Nenad Trajkovski says:

      you can’t import from excel table. And no, you do not have to create Resource Calendar for each Resource, just modify Standard (or whichever Calendar you use) Calendar for each Resource!

      • S Chapman says:

        How does one change the calendar for the Project Summary Task? The schedule is developed and has a calendar, other than the standard calendar, associated with all the tasks, but cannot change the calendar for the Project Summary Task.

      • Nenad Trajkovski says:

        You can not. Read my Blog post from 03/10/2017


        Thanks Nenad

  7. S Chapman says:

    Very easy to follow and understand. Thank you.

  8. Hephzie says:

    Hi Nenad,
    i discovered hat my task number usually starts from 1 instead of 0.
    Kindly assist on this.


  9. Ghassan says:

    Really !! thank you very much, you may have no idea for the big help you have given to me.

  10. bsimeonoff says:

    Thanks Nenad! Nice article 🙂

  11. Melissa says:

    I work with developers in another country who follow the holidays on four different calendars. So some my resources in my project follow the standard calendar with US holidays and some the international calendar with different holidays.

    How do assign different calendars to different resources? I’ve tried to change it through “change working time” but when I make a change to one resources, it overrides all the resource settings for the others, including the main project calendar in options > calendar.


    • Nenad Trajkovski says:

      NExt week (Wednesday) I’ll show in my Blog post, step by step how to do it! Hope that will help!

      • Melissa says:

        Sounds great, thanks!

        I think I figured out how to do it.

        1) Create separate calendars with holidays for US and overseas team
        2) Apply the related calendar to each resource
        3) If a particular resource has time off not included on one of the main calendars, then add the exceptions at the resource level.

        It seemed to work for me when I set up my project that way. It took me a while to figure it out!

        I have another question. How do you get tasks to start on the day following its predecessor?

        I’ve learned a lot on your blog – thank you for putting it together and sharing.


      • Nenad Trajkovski says:

        What do you exactly mean by How to get Rasks to start on the day following its predecessor? Just link them and make a finish to start relationship (this is default)! Or did I missed something?

      • Melissa says:

        If I have two tasks, the second task’s predecessor is the first task, and the first task ends on 7/10, I’d like the second task to start the following day, 7/11, My project has tasks starting the last day of the predecessor task. I don’t want to add a constraint or lag time to the tasks to resolve the issue. Is there a setting for the entire project that sets all tasks to start on the following day as their predecessor?

      • Nenad Trajkovski says:

        Hmmmm. There is a workaround for that.
        Let me give you an example. Suppose that you have a Task 1 with 0,5 days duration. You have a Task 2 which have 3 days duration and Task 1 is predecessor.
        If Task 1 fisnh at 7/10 at noon, than Task 2 will start at the same day at noon.
        What you can do (without writing VBA MACRO) is:
        1. Create new Calendar with working time, for example for 1.00 AM to 2:00 AM
        2. Insert Task 1-2 between Task 1 and Task 2, and assign this new calendar to it. Make shure that duartion is less then or equal with this working time (e.g. in our example it should b1 1 hour duration)
        3: Make Task 1-2 as sucessor of Task 1, and Predecessor of Task 2.

        That’s it!

  12. Igor says:

    Hi Nenad,
    I find your Blog very interesting and very informational and helpful! I just wanted to say great work and thank you for providing continuously “fresh” information.

    keep up the good work!
    greetings from Vienna


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