The scope is done! What should I do next? The “Wedding” Project!



I have made the Scope for my “Wedding” Project in MS PROJECT 2010. I have task groups (called “summary task”), and each group have a milestone at the end. Those groups are not order logically, and it means that I put them as they cross my mind.

First group is The “Family meeting”:


Why? Because you must decide what kind of wedding do you want? Let me ask you a question. Can you have a wedding which will cost you only 50$? The answer is YES, YOU CAN! How? Well, simply you should go to the wedding chapel with the best man and/or best woman, and get married. You should only pay to the local authority some fee, and that is it. You will have no wedding reception, party and honeymoon. Another question is: “Can you have a wedding which will cost you, for example, $1.000.000? Again, the answer is YES, YOU CAN. You can have a glamorous wedding, with 350 people, and you can serve only the most expensive champagne, shrimps, lobster and after the wedding reception you can go to the very, very expensive honeymoon. So, in this group you should decide what kind of wedding you really want. Notice the milestone”: “We know what we want”

Here is the “Guests” group:


In this group I will make a list of my preferred guests. After that I will call them by the phone. Why? Because, I want to know how many of them will accept the invitation, and I have to tell them when the wedding will be. I can skip this “Call the guest by phone to the wedding” Task, and I can make assumption that all my preferred guest will accept the invitation. But, this is, from my point of view, the HUGE RISK? Why? Well, suppose that I have 150 people in my Guest list. If I assume that all of them will come to my wedding, I will reserve the Restaurant for 150 people. Now suppose that I have 50 people from “out of town”. I will have to reserve the hotel for them. And now, suppose that only 35 people come to my wedding? What a disaster will it be, can you imagine? To avoid that risk I will first call them, and I will know how many people will I actually have on my wedding. Then if someone quit just before wedding (because of some disease or something else) I will have less problem, because there is a small probability that many of them will be sick at that moment.

Here is the “Accommodation” group:


In this group I have tasks for the accommodation for my “out of town” guest, and for the Wedding night.

Here is the “Transportation” group:


In this group I have tasks for the transportation for my “out of town” guest.

Here is the “Rings” group, and I think I do not have to explain this group:


Since we will bring our own wine, and cakes to the restaurant here are two groups:


Now, we need to find the Restaurant for our wedding reception. In Zagreb,Croatia, you must reserve the Restaurant almost one year before the wedding day, believe it or not!


Now, I’ll show you the “wedding chapel” group, “the “music”, the “Flowers” and the “Gifts” group:


I think there is no need for any further explanation about this groups.

I also have the “Clothes” group, the “Photos” group, and the “Hairdressing and Beauty care” group:


Last two groups are the “Honeymoon” group,


and the “Wedding day” group:


You will see in some next post how will we set duration for this group. It has to be hour by hour planned.

From now on, you have two possibilities. You can download mpp file and follow me with that file, or you can try to add the tasks manually.

You can download my MS PROJECT 2010 “Wedding” project from here:

Finally, I will Sequence my “Wedding” Project. I want move my “Restaurant” group, and “Wedding chapel” from the current Position to the new one, just below the “Guest” group. Firs I will select Tasks I want to move. I will select first task (or task group) with ID 45. I will click on the row heading (left part of the screen) and after that I will hold the SHIFT KEY and I will click on the “We have wedding chapel” with ID 53:


After that move your cursor to the row ABOVE you want to move that tasks:


and you will get:


Be careful. When you move tasks like it was just described, those moved tasks has a new ID number. And if you integrate MS PROJECT with some other application and if you are using that ID, you can get in the trouble!

I have finished my scope for the “Wedding” project. What is next? Resources or Scheduling? I will first develop a schedule. I will put duration on my tasks. But before that I will set up my Project Calendars. How to estimate duration, how to manage it, and how to set up calendars with MS PROJECT 2010 is the subject of my next post.

Until then,

Best regards.


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