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When to use Fixed constraint and Resource Calendars in MS PROJECT 2019

Hi, as you know there are three types of constraint in MS PROJECT 2019: Flexible, Semi flexible, and Hard. I wrote about those constraint long time ago (https://ntrajkovski.com/2011/04/12/constraints-and-deadline-in-ms-project/) Today I will show you to use it in real life. Let … Continue reading


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How to Delay Project in MS PROJECT 2019

Hi all, I have a question from one of my Blog readers: “The project I am involve in  is using only material resources and the unit rate for each resource did not change through time. Currently the project has more … Continue reading

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Duration and Resource with 0% units assigned–how are they connected

Hi, in April this year I wrote a blog post about Resource with assignment 0%–what is it?. Now I have a question  Blog reader: “I am trying to use Resources with a 0% Max as a placeholder/generic resource allocation. When … Continue reading

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Task start date depending on predecessors competition–is that possible in MS PROJECT?

Hi, I’ve got interesting question from on of my blog readers and it is: “Let’s say that you have Task 1 and Task 2. Task 2 can start when 25% of Task 1 is completed, and Task 1 can continue … Continue reading

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