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Project Management – perspective from an old Project Manager

Hi, If you follow me, you already know that I’m writing my Posts about MS PROJECT for 6 or 7 years. I will continue to do that. But, I decided to share my long, long experience (30 years overall, and … Continue reading

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Overtime Work and Fixed Duration in MS PROJECT 2016!

Hi, today I’m going to show relation between Fixed Duration Task Type, and Overtime Work in MS PROJECT 2016. First I’m going to create a simple Project with one Task – Fixed Duration: As you can see In the Gant … Continue reading

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Subproject File field in MS PROJECT 2016

Hi, today I will show you one interesting field in MS PROJECT 2016, called Subproject File. Let me first create three simple Projects: and: and finally: Those Project are saved locally. Now I will create Master Project and I will … Continue reading

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European Collaboration Summit 2017 approaching fast!!!

  Hi all, I’m proud to announce (as one of the Organizers) a GREAT, GREAT conference Be part of a three-day community-driven conference in Zagreb with the most influential experts from all around the world to discuss the latest news … Continue reading

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Why is my Task Type changed from Non Effort Driven to Effort Driven automatically in MS PROJECT 2016

  Hi I have a question from one of my Blog readers: “I wonder if this is a bug in MS Project 2016?Here what I did:1. Created a 3-day fixed units, non-effort-driven task2. Assigned one resource at 100% capacity3. Changed … Continue reading

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Start date and percentage complete in MS PROJECT 2013 – how are they connected!

I’ve noticed that some Project users do not understand how % Complete and Start date are connected, and because of that they think that MS PROJECT 2013 has a bug. Let me give you an example. First I will create … Continue reading

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Marry Christmas

Hi, I had a lot of questions from my Blog Readers during past few weeks! I didn’t get you the answer because I was very busy, and I was out of Country: I’ll make it up to you, believe me! … Continue reading

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The Project Conference 2014

Hi my Blog readers! If you want to get knowledge about Project, Project Server, and Project in Cloud you should attend this Conference. You can meet the most significant guys from Project world, and find out answer on any, ANY … Continue reading

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The answer my friend is blowing in the wind!!!

Dear Blog Readers, I have lot of questions, but I am on my Vacation with very restricted mail access! So,  I’ll will start answering next week! Love you!

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How to force Successor to start next working day in MS PROJET 2013

  Hi, as usual, I’ve got a question from one of my Blog Reader: “If I have two tasks, the second task’s predecessor is the first task, and the first task ends on 7/10, I’d like the second task to … Continue reading

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